Wings of Lead Over Dormant Seas


meridians cross the sphere
razorhands slowly bore
circles after circles
reach the heart, grip the core
crimson nails scrape the rust
of a dying sun turning pale
scarlet eyes, pouring ashes
like lava in the veins of hell

this world deserved better
than this skyless ground
of reptile flowers
and sleepwalking hounds
this world deserved far better
than this endless flood
of centipedes soldiers
and octopus gods

i'll redescend along meridians
like the moon dives in oceans
for i know days have passed
i'll be gone in a quicksand-smile
my pale sun deserves
one last time... to burn


it moves, tremors, splits and blazes
roots come loose, scattered rocks, shattered in pieces
soil rumbles, struggles, breaks the chains
skies torn asunder, white stained rain
gaping mouths of dirt, scars wide open
ground erupts, you collapse, i burn
limbo and depths, dwell within
earthlike eyes, blinking
trapped on both sides of this quartered world
hands untied, gaia dismembered
this is the endless tide, just a movement
the great divide of continents
the great divide of continents

but you fade away, beyond reach
letting storms rushing across the breach
and through the coins on our eyelids
can we see how long we'll bleed?
as this night has no bounds
would i wait for the crack of dawn?
would i wait for the crack of dawn?


red sands whirl round
horizon splinters
stellar suns, spiral dawn
seconds and lightyears
petals and wings unfold
arms outstretched
we wait and watch
for dreams made flesh

no bound hands or closed eyelids to hide
soil and clouds and men collide
blooming body-moths take flight
blue haloes in a tangerine light
world drowns
all fall down
lotus glows
pierces the earth
crosses the gates
of universe


satan is scared...

i'm not only, not only flesh, i'm not me
i'm not only, not only flesh, that's not me...

...i'm not me...
...that's not me...


marble clouds stretch, over there
as i try to follow
this hazy shape
this icy shade
twisting and blurring in the distance
footsteps, elusive, disappearing
far away in a million directions
anywhere, elsewhere, nowhere

but i would murder a thousand deaths
i could stop the clocks
and hold my breath
to grasp you for real
to grab anything
melting wax, cracking glass
multiply your face in many forms
and fragments
and fragments
in a tunnel of mirrors
in a corridor of sand
there's a snowblinding glare
the horizons of maud land

and i roam and i crawl
like drifting through aeons
through iron walls of abandon
i roam and i call for you

for i linger still
in this world of emptiness
i picture your fragrance
through the afterflesh
wings of lead over dormant seas
burden of feathers
you, blue seraph,
trying to flicker as you burn
in the hands of mighty SUN
incandescent solar flares
consuming rainbows in your hair
until you fall,
far, far away
dim lily-white light
out of sight

and within smoke, within mist
among dead and lying trees
i lose your track
i lose my way
and now this home is a maze
with children-headed walls
spitting cries
spitting wails
at my face
as i howl

and i die killing time
counting hours, watching days fall
one by one
and i die spending nights
on the paths of grief, serpentine
waiting for glows to heal
waiting for whispers to speak
wishing for sleep to come
and restart everything

« there is a silence where hath been no sound
there is a silence where no sound may be »
there is this silence
drumming, beating, bursting my ears

she rises, rises, higher and higher
scratches the roof of universe
then dives, alas, sinks in my veins
drumming, beating, breathing in my brain

this is the morphinic waving endless void
a ghostly orchestra for swarms of insects
scarabs and locusts and furies play in my chest
drumming, beating, without rest

can you see those devouring fires
spreading infinity and silence, this silence
don't you hear the immaculate wings of absence
drumming, beating in a deafening cadence

humming blows, fractured ground, star lights in pieces
dying haloes all around, melting seas and shrinking spaces
and where are you as the world falls apart
drumming, beating, drowning my heart

silence will have taken your place
when i'll rise toward the surface

ix walls wide and blank
when i'll reach the riverbank
and now everything is nothingness
and nothingness is where i stand
just a small twinkling star
pulsing, carved in my hand
a green iris
an eye wide open, a tiny fire
tears and embers
rolling along my fingers

and in every searing moonbeam
through aching mercury dreams
in every scary nightblow
i can guess your face through the floe

but anyway...
the claws of gravity can crush me
and nail me deeply
down to the earth
i will stay at the gate
waiting and waiting
to slaughter and trample on
those unlighted saints
lying on the floor
those beasts of prey
those stealing whores
those starving supernovas
those infrablack omegas
eating love, spitting grief
from above, from beneath
changing children into silence
this silence
this drilling, pounding presence
terrifying sentence
whirling louder and louder
this silence
as a drummer

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