swarms of stars, twinkling
i see them from afar
castaway, they linger
over walls and barbed wires

hanging glimmers
out of reach
carved in space
engraved in pitch black grace

at blackened skies i stare
yearning for the ghosts,
summoning their flames to pierce the day
i wait for new dawns
and everlasting springs to bloom again
would i step over the skyline
and grab a healing hand

stellar glows
wherever i can watch
above the horizon
these swarms of stars
laugh out loud


i, the ice clutching the tree
i, the devourer
of time and beauty

i bleed your ears
with sirens' and seers'
deafening cries
green fairy trapped in the glass
struggles, tries to catch the rim
slips down then drowns
as i flee ether moons
i spit on opiate fumes
and dreams

lurking in shadow of a doubt
i feel the gnawing plague
that stands slowly
in backwash waves

i wait for a crack in the floe

across dusty fields
under stones and ruins
crushed by fear
and cascading bodies
i will try to wake
lest i forget
remind me one day
the beauty in me
along arcades of ice
and statues, gleaming
behind granite mask
and alabaster skin
i'll lose myself again
among hundreds of trees
but forgive someday
the steely floe within


intravenous bliss
poisonous feast

intravenous sough
leads unto venus claws
a mouth for ghosts to hide
for breeding rising tides

hungry black holes grow
rip the nerves, fill the void
through charcoal nights they snake
pull the knot, tight
- around the neck

i fear no morning judgement
i've so much light in veins,
i'd blind any sun
but dusk sinks mermaids, feeds leviathans
i roam these seas then dive as daybreak calls
on and on, i walk in circles
around sleepy raptures condemned to hourglass curse
one by one the sundial swallows
hours and faces,
hear how i breathe slow


i don't need
to be crowned
and conquer ruins
on quicksand grounds

five hundred million bells
singing pearls clouées au ciel
millions of springs flooding warpaths
thorns and spines under glass

i don't need
gold and heat
just the wind
in the wheat


this golden cage built on soothing hoar
wide filigree walls, clear sandpaper floor
will you dare to seek the lost part
the missing link
cease to scatter holes, withered hearts
and shallow prints

will you drop the prey to look for
ghostly rainbows and suns next door
will you stop the clocks
burn the ease of boredom
won't you try at least

tree, where are your roots
                  - hidden in a stain of blight
branches torn between
                  - blinding lust and dizzy fright
what do you know about light
                  - neon flare and glaring knives


no move
weak move
still nothing
no distance

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