Elysian Magnetic Fields


wisps of smoke
scented foam
dress the ceiling with drips of shades
as the great moth spins carmine veils

bees and dragonflies
fireflies as bedside lights
sigh in sails until welkin thrills
as winged arms turn the catherine wheel

cyanide lips
hemlock sleep
dreams in formaldehyde
slowly mourn, sink and die

give me blooms and gardens
that would awake me
blow on me dandelions
as daffodils scream
but no radiant eastern glare

there's just this scarlet purity
bowing head, bended knees
red moth release me
release me


shut eyes are haunted cells
sharpen eyelids rip the shell
release ghosts unto light
switchblade fear bleeding dry

obsidian recalls your beasts
those hounds breaking into my sleep
obsidian, will you give me
a missing part, an effigy

so would you come tonight?
there's room enough in these dreams
but would you leave at dawn?
there's no place for you in this realm

but night is a dagger
a knife held by many hands
a barrel aimed, a loaded gun
and hundred tongues licking the trigger


sheets like shrouds
veils and curtains wrap the orphans
silent clouds
lost in closed-eyed crowd

ebb and flow
the sound of the rain is an echoe
that weeps diluvian tears
on pristine white snow

lashing storm
outside thuds weave
voiceless laments
and blister moons, triumphant


the lighthouse shrinks like lace
twisting shades in velvet breath
evening wound, sundown grin
silken sobs, satin screams

night embrace
as wax and clay paint your face
i behold starving quicksands
as you slip through my hands

magnetic fields call through
this growing sleep
where i can't trail you
where i can't beseech

would i wait until
the bells of morning
which reveal
the angels of spring
slumbering birds
passing over
cracking domes
and abandoned homes
but do sleepwalkers know
where they flow?
is there a smile, somehow? but do we know?


falling along cloudy walls
a dizzy dive through hazy fumes
along the perfect body
of dreamless clean white sheets

falling like breaking adrift
going with the tide where mortals can't swim
along the perfect forms
of empty peaceful shores

falling from pedestal
from domain of searing hours
falling down slippery stairs
into the lush nothingness
i hear from this cavity
the world screaming without me
and i'm falling, falling
deep down inside of me


the light extends
wings outstretched
climbs within then shines
forth from depths

thousand hands
slice the electric air
catch my fists
lift me up along dazzling glare

dust storm flows
through sandman's claws
body, hovering
into deep black stream

these giddy stairs
twist and turn
stroke the moon
as stars crash and burn

raise me up
higher and higher
from this glass cage
to the promise of slumber

sandstorm blows
around the gallows
the cage is in pieces
shards of smothered screams
scars of amber gleams
and light is growing dim
and light is growing dim

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