1994 Founded in Paris by Marc T. (guitar & machines) and singer Laurent P.

1996 Laurent P. leaves after the release of the first two demo tapes. Marc T. takes over vocals duties for the third and last one Dead Network Access.

1998 First album Down, Last Level with new members Franck T. (guitar) and David K. (bass). Introduction of live visuals on stage. First album of Dither, the electronica side-project of Marc T.

2000 Drummer Alain B. joins the band, followed by Christophe « Zomb » D. (samples & percussions). The second album Blight and Vision Below a Faded Sun is released on the band's own label Blight Records. First collaboration with painter Axël Kriloff, whose work becomes from there the graphic extension of the band's sonic signature.

2001 Christian M. (bass) and Stéphane L. (guitar) replace David and Franck.

2004 Release of the third album And Shall the Sky Descend recorded in Lausanne (Switzerland). Featurings of Treponem Pal/Fiend's guitarist Michel Bassin and Von Magnet's vocalist Flore. Hichem A. replaces Christian on bass.

2006 The side project Kanaan is created around Alain B., Hichem A. and Michel Bassin.

2007 Release of the double album Wings of Lead over Dormant Seas, mixed by Marc T. at D-Prod, the band's own studio. First collaboration with Kill The Thrill's singer Nicolas Dick.

2011 Elysian Magnetic Fields comes out on Division Records. Short East Europe tour with additional gigs in Portugal, Switzerland and Germany. Luz joins the band on bass.

2013 Teaming up with french label Debemur Morti Productions. Christophe « Zomb » D. leaves the band.
Short France and UK tour with Rosetta.

2014 Sixth album Hyperion is launched in March with featurings of Lycia's vocalist Tara Vanflower and Nicolas Dick.
Several shows in Europe (Poland, Germany, Czech, Netherlands...)

2015 The Circumbaltica Tour crosses Europe from Germany to Finland.

2017 The ambient and instrumental EP Alma | Baltica is released on Division Records in Winter.

2018 15 last gigs in France and eastern Europe. Lost Empyrean sees the day on 14 December.

2019 The band splits up in February.

2021 Release of Vanishing Point. A retrospective collection of unreleased and rarities spanning from 1995 to 2020




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