And Shall The Sky Descend


we've all failed to find the bliss
moon and sun blended into eclipse
blazing crescents, crooked crosses
banners hoisted by iron fists
concrete plains and headless trunks
we've built here our horizon
a billion wombs feeding tombs
sowing hate for one more...


and shall the sky descend
to smother this immense cry
and shall the sky descend
to give earth silence

worms... wail...


how tall
shall i grow ?
how deep
must i fall ?
grains of sand overflow
nothing in all
the great in the small...

scary glimpse of infinite
fear breeds fear, stretching slit
aching breath pours sanity
seconds as centuries
hear the creakings of the wheel
inside me, quite unreal
i make it spin, i make it scream
scream like sirens
scream like winds

like sirens, like winds
all means suffering

watch that halo growing dim
in the flicker of their wings

deafening is the pain
pain as far as the eye can reach
deafening is the pain
pain as far as the eye can reach

stabbing the sky from dusk to dawn
waiting for stars to hit the ground
waiting for the sun to heal my wound

sharp lines entwined, glowing thoughts
grab my brain, clutch my throat
push me close to a giddy void

whirling swarms and deadly thrills
poisoned feathers making spin
making scream the birdies wheel


strobbing stars light the way to you
sparkling blades ripped your heart in two
scattered children all along your wound
throbbing hums turning round and round

motherchaos release me
crippled angel, where've you been ?
so much void, so much things

is this life you gave me ?
all those shapes i cannot see
i try to breathe, i have to learn
'cause i know, into you i won't return

smell the heady scent of rust
frozen glare trapped inside
she was the night spitting dusk
made of silk, made of dust

a million suns never set
these molecular threats
pulsing fear, lurking eye
motherchaos, one last time

womb is where all things must cease
peaceful home, never found

womb is where all things shall cease
womb is where all things shall cease
womb is where all things have ceased


the bright arch weeps on our grief
corrosive breath
reddish trails lick the skin
gnawing rust

sickness flickers all around
poisoned wings draw rotting wounds
burned tissues, scorched lungs

staring at a glaring sky
standing in those blinding lights
praying hands, fingers crossed
wait in vain
for a brand new christ

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